A few MSN apps, and Microsoft Photosynth, going away this fall

Diehard Windows 8 users have probably grown accustomed to a large number of native Windows apps cluttering up their Start screens. However, it turns out the majority of users never actually took the time to try the MSN-branded apps like Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, or Travel. Despite these apps existing on Windows, Android, iOS, the services never really got traction with very many people.

Microsoft announced today that it will be discontinuing Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, and Travel, as well as its photo stitching app Photosynth. The apps will be going away in the fall, with Health and Fitness being the last to go on November 1st. Interestingly, Cortana’s integration on Windows will be able to direct you to the travel app, so Microsoft likely has plans to put this type of information somewhere in the operating system or on the web.

Another interesting consideration is that Microsoft is currently expanding health-related services like its online HealthVault and the Microsoft Band, so shuttering the Health and Fitness app could mean that we see these features move somewhere else, like the separate Health app Windows makes for the Microsoft Band.

Microsoft have also made it clear that it will continue to put resources into the other MSN-branded apps like News, Weather, Sports and Money. Despite these app shutdowns, Microsoft has said that no employees’ jobs will be affected. This move comes after nearly 8,000 employees were laid off from the company earlier this week.

[source]Ars Technica[/source]