Samsung is reportedly developing an 11K mobile display

Samsung Galaxy Line

If a report from Korea’s Electronic Times is to be believed, Samsung has decided that the mobile industry should just skip 4K displays and go straight to 11K ones. Yes, you read that correctly, 11K.

According to the publication, on June 1st the company started work on an 11K mobile display. The display is being developed by Samsung and 13 other companies with financial support from the South Korean government, which is investing $26.5 million dollars into the project over the course of the next five years. The goal is to create a display that will have a pixel density of 2250 pixels per inch (ppi).

To put that number in perspective, the screen on the Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung’s latest flagship device, “only” has a pixel density of 557ppi. The report also mentions that this screen will be able to produce a 3D-like affect as a result of its resolution.

Samsung hopes to unveil a near final version during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018.

The report doesn’t mention if Samsung is also working on some kind ground breaking battery tech to help power such a monstrous display.

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