Sonos update improves Google Play Music integration, improves Play:1 sound quality

Sonos today announced an update to its mobile apps and speaker firmware that makes using the connected speaker network a little bit more enjoyable.

The main facet of the update pertains to Google Play Music and TuneIn, but music quality improvements for the excellent Play:1 speaker also play a big part in the proceedings.

Google Play Music users in Canada can now browse a list of curated radio stations, which came over from the company’s acquisition of Songza last year. Radio station recommendations and the ability to add and remove tracks from one’s library flesh out the feature set, which is now almost as robust as the Google Play Music app itself.

The TuneIn updates are mainly aesthetic, with an improved navigation scheme and higher-resolution album art.

Owners of the excellent Sonos Play:1 speaker are in line for a quality boost, with higher clarity from the unit and better integration with the Sonos Sub.

The update is available from the company’s iOS and Android apps.