Microsoft’s $99 Universal Foldable Keyboard is now available in Canada

Microsoft Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft’s $99.95 Universal Foldable Keyboard is now available to purchase through the company’s online store.

First unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress, this Bluetooth keyboard allows its owner to connect to two mobile devices at the same time. Supported operating systems include Android, iOS and Windows. With the aid of an operating system key, it’s possible to switch between devices seamlessly, no matter what the combination of devices. Although not explicitly mentioned in the company’s marketing materials, one imagines that the keyboard should work well enough with BB10 devices, though the OS switching feature might not function as intended.

When not in use, the keyboard can be folded in half. It also features a complete set of full-sized keys, and is supposedly made to be spill proof and water resistant. Lastly, the built-in rechargeable battery is said to last 3 months on one charge.

Microsoft Foldable Keyboard

According to a Microsoft representative, the keyboard should be available in-store starting on July 28, though some of the company’s retail locations might have it in stock sooner.

To mark the release, Microsoft uploaded a video to YouTube that showcases many of the keyboard’s selling points. Watch it below.

While you’re at it, check out the hands-on we did with the accessory earlier in the year.