Taxi Diamond app is now available in Montreal

Diamond Taxi

Taxi Diamond, one of Quebec’s largest taxi dispatchers, is launching a new Android and iOS app.

The app functions in much the same as Uber’s own offering. Montrealers can use the app to order a taxi—and, in some cases, reserve one—as well as pay for their ride once they arrive at their destination. Additionally, the app can be used to rate various aspect of one’s ride, including the cleanliness of the cab and the courteousness of the driver.

Lastly, Air Miles rewards are built into the app. First time app users will earn 25 Air Miles; subsequent rides will award one Air Mile for every 10km traveled.

“In designing our new smart cab services, we wanted to show Montrealers that we are adapting to the market changes spurred by the arrival of new, international players,” said Dominique Roy, president and CEO of Taxi Diamond, in a prepared statement. “It’s also a great way to combat illegal passenger carriers, and we hope that other cab companies will follow suit by innovating as well.”

The company goes on to claim that it’s “the first cab company in Canada to use technology to combat illegal passenger carriers.” Presumably, the company is referring to Uber and the like when it mentions “illegal passenger carries”.

TAG Taxi, a Montreal-based developer, built the app for Taxi Diamond. In 2012, the company launched an app that allowed Torontonians to book a taxi ride with the city’s major dispatchers.

The Taxi Diamond app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.