New Pushbullet update now lets Android users sync SMS messages from their Windows PC


It’s only been two weeks since Pushbullet received a comprehensive update, and already new features are being added to the already robust app.

Starting today, those that have the Pushbullet app installed on their Android phone can use it to sync their full SMS conversation history with the company’s Windows and web apps. This means that Android users can now chat with friends and family while at their computer, in much the same way that their peers on iOS can using iMessage and a Mac.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the same feature will come to Pushbullet’s iOS app. According to the company’s CEO, Ryan Oldenburg, Apple’s tight control of the platform means that apps like Pushbullet can’t access an iPhone’s SMS history. “At this point we don’t have access to SMS on the device,” said Oldenburg in an interview with The Verge. “We’re always watching Apple updates for new APIs and functionality though so if this ever changes, we will be on it right away.”

Download Pushbullet from the Play Store.

[via]The Verge[/via]