Android M will have support for built-in visual voicemail

Nexus 5

Google plans to finally add native support for visual voicemail to Android, though Canadian Android users may have to wait a while before they’re able to take advantage of the feature.

According to a ticket filed on the Android Developer Preview website, the latest beta build of Android M includes a new dialer app that has built-in visual voicemail.

However, it currently only works with phones on French carrier Orange. The final build of Android M is expected to extend support for this feature to American carrier T-Mobile. Currently, there’s no stated timeline for when Android smartphones on Canadian carriers will be able to take advantage of this feature.

The ticket also mentions that Android M will include support for the automatic transcription of voicemails, though it will up to carriers to enable this feature. As it stands, there’s not a single carrier that has announced its intention to support voicemail transcription.

With the exception of Google Voice—which most people don’t use—Android has lacked a proper visual voicemail implementation. So, while this is a modest start, it’s still a start. That’s something, right?

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