Misfit’s new $20 tracker can control your music and take a selfie

Misfit, the California-based wearables company behind popular low-cost fitness and sleep trackers Flash and Shine announced today a new $20 variant of its lowest-priced product.

Dubbed Flash Link, the hardware is identical to the now-$30 Flash, but eschews the sports band in favour of a simple clip that can be worn inside a pocket, or attached to a collar or sleeve.

The new product also goes in hand with Misfit Link, a new iOS app that allows the Flash’s single button to act as activator for a number of smart home services, including turning on lights with Philips Hue, changing songs on Spotify, or taking a photo with one’s smartphone camera.


The company says that IFTTT integration is coming soon, which will allow connections to myriad other services. An Android app is also due next month.

The new Misfit app is part of a growing number of portals for hardware companies to connect with other services. While the lack of a display on the Flash, and just the single button, limit the action permutations, but with fitness and sleep tracking becoming a minimal viable product for most body-worn wearables, the addition of auxiliary functions certainly adds value to an already inexpensive and unassuming entry into the category.