Nokia has a major announcement set for July 28th

Nokia N1 tablet

Nokia is preparing to announce something big. This morning, the company sent out an invite to select media outlets, asking them to attend a VIP event on July 28 in Los Angeles, California.

The invite, seen below, features the close-up of an indeterminate object and the words “Nowhere” and “Now Here”.

It’s been speculated that Nokia could use the event to announce the sale of its mapping division, or a successor to its N1 Android tablet. To be honest, though, neither of these options seem worth the expense of a large VIP event.

The third option is that Nokia tells the world that it’s re-entering the smartphone market. Like the sale of its mapping division, this has been long rumoured, though there seems to be some disagreement as to when Nokia can actually start producing smartphones again. When the company sold its handset division to Microsoft, it signed an agreement where it pledged that it would not create smartphones until at least the start of 2016. Several articles I’ve read have suggested that the agreement expires at the start of the year, while a couple of others have said that it’s set to conclude in Q4 of that year.

Whatever the company decides to announce, we’ll make sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, tell us what you think Nokia will announce in the comments below.

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