Samsung’s oversized Galaxy S6 edge+ poised to replace the Note Edge

Samsung surprised a fair number of people, including me, when it debuted a curved-display Galaxy Note alongside its more conservative counterpart last year.

But it seems that for 2015 the company is replacing the Note Edge with something a bit more mainstream: a larger sized version of the popular Galaxy S6 edge.

Dubbed the Galaxy S6 edge+, the device appears to have a 5.6 or 5.7-inch QHD display, but is otherwise unchanged from the S6 edge from a design perspective. Considering Samsung reportedly underestimated the popularity of the S6’s curved variant, negatively affecting its financials this past quarter, the debut of a second, larger version could be auspicious for the company’s remaining performance this year.

Samsung has also forced itself into a bit of a corner by setting the precedent of releasing two flagships twice a year, rather than the single Galaxy S and Galaxy Note update it had for the first three years of their respective existences. With the Note line increasingly representing phone sizes bordering on normal, and no longer the monstrously oversized smartphone it was once considered, Samsung is smart to double down on its success while it can still differentiate.

We’ll see what the Korean giant has to offer when it debuts the Note 5 alongside the Galaxy S6 edge+, which is reportedly happening earlier than expected this year, at an event in New York on August 12th.

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