Twitter launches new online Safety Center


Twitter unveiled today a new online Safety Center meant to consolidate all of its disparate safety, privacy and security tools in one place on the web.

After being accused of not sufficiently and appropriately dealing with harassment, abuse and hate speech, Twitter has amplified its stance against this, using automatic blocking tools to filter abusive tweets from one’s timeline. But the Safety Center goes beyond that, providing a “best practices” for users on the internet in general.

Screenshot 2015-07-20 18.41.14

While the knowledge base focuses, of course, on how to add two-factor authentication to one’s account, it also speaks directly to different demographics — women, teens, parents, educators — around how best to approach internet services in general.

Twitter also addresses the different user policies applicable to its service, so people know whether parody accounts are allowed, and in what contexts. It also details how Twitter deals with reports of abuse and harassment, which is increasingly becoming synonymous with the social network.