Latest Humble Mobile Bundle for Android brings games from NEOGEO

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle has been released, offering yet another great selection of DRM-free Android games at “pay what you want” prices. This time around it’s popular old school developer NEOGEO, known for creating several great titles such as Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown.

If you’re unfamiliar with how Humble Bundle works, here’s a quick rundown for this set of games. If you pay at least a buck you’ll get these five games: Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighter ’97, Blazing Star, Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

But pay above the average — which is currently $4.69 — and you’ll score all the games plus these titles: Metal Slug 3, Samurai Shodown II and Fatal Fury Special.


To entice Android owners to go the distance and pay $29.99, there is a bonus offer that will give you all eight games and a limited edition NEOGEO 25th anniversary Metal Slug t-shirt.

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