Uber bringing Canadians on-demand ice cream on July 24th

Summer is here, and sugar-filled dairy treats are more in need than ever. And Uber wants to help deliver them.

Now in its fourth year, Uber will be delivering ice cream to the masses on July 24th. Uber notes on its blog that this is an “invitation to chill,” with the on-demand ice cream promo available to Canadians in five cities around the country.

Edmonton: Serving Cookie Love — $15.00 for 3 pieces
Montreal: Serving Les Gâteries & FCO Gelato — $20.00 for 5 pieces
Ottawa: Serving Cold Stone Creamery — $25.00 for 5 pieces
Quebec City: Serving Crémerie Les Gâteries — $20.00 for 5 pieces
Toronto: Serving Yogurty’s, Moo Milk Bar, traditional Ice Cream Trucks — $25.00 for 5 pieces

Perhaps this will cool down some of those hot politicians.

[source] Uber [/source]