Dedicated fingerprint scanners on smartphones may soon be a thing of the past

Touch ID

Sonavation, a company that specializes in developing user authentication solutions, announced this week a technology that will allow smartphone manufacturers to embed a fingerprint scanner inside of a touchscreen display.

The tech, which is currently only compatible with Corning Gorilla Glass, involves bonding a series of sensors directly inside of a display. The result is a scanner that apparently shows little to no loss in accuracy when compared to dedicated ones; in fact, Sonavation claims that its technology is able to read and verify a fingerprint even if the finger providing one is wet, dirty or oily.


Unfortunately, the company doesn’t say much about how its technology works beyond the fact that, much like a standard fingerprint scanner, the sensor it uses is able to read the distinctive valleys and ridges that make up a person’s fingerprint.

As with other technology announcements like this, there’s no word when we’ll start to see this product make its way into consumer smartphones. What is clear is that the dedicated fingerprint sensor has its days numbered.

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