Discover Weekly is Spotify’s latest bid to keep you from defecting to the competition

Spotify Discover Weekly

With competition in the music streaming space in a state of constant escalation, Spotify is preparing to launch a new feature that may help tip the scales in its favour.

In the next couple of weeks, people that use the service will start to see a new playlist delivered to them every Monday. Called Discover Weekly, this playlist will feature two hours of music that other users with similar tastes have been adding to their libraries. It’s the company’s attempt to helps solve the ever present discoverability issue that plagues any and every media streaming service.

“For the first time ever, we’re combining your personal taste in music with what similar fans are enjoying right now,” says Spotify.”This means every song in Discover Weekly is based both on your own listening as well as what others are playlisting and listening to around the songs you love – making your playlist completely unique and full of deep cuts and new discoveries.”

It adds, “it’s like having your best friend make you a personalised mixtape every single week.”

According to Spotify, the playlist will evolve as your music tastes evolve. Additionally, the more music listen to on the platform, the better it will become at delivering music that fits your taste profile.

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine was able to preview the new feature ahead of its official launch. For the most part, he found it a welcome addition to the platform, saying that he was “pleasantly surprised” by how well it fit into Spotify’s regular user experience flow. The one issue he did note with the current implementation of Discover Weekly is that Spotify delivers a new playlist every week. This means that it’s up to the user to note and save any songs they like before one of the playlists disappears.

Beyond an ever useful “soon”, there’s no definitive timeline for when regular Spotify users can expect to see this feature added to their account.