Fido looking to launch improved U.S. roaming plan

Fido is looking to to add Roam Like Home, or a service similar to it, in the next few weeks, according to a survey issued by the company’s website.


The Rogers-owned flanker brand is fielding responses to questions about its products and services, one of which focuses on a new potential U.S. roaming offering.

While different to Rogers’ Roam Like Home, which charges Share Everything customers $5 per day for access to their talk, text and data pool, Fido’s prospective solution would cost $6 per day for unlimited calls, texts and 100MB of LTE data, after which network speeds would presumably slow to 2G.

Currently, Fido customers visiting the U.S. for short periods can access 50MB of LTE data for $7.99 per day, which rolls over as many times as necessary in a given period. While convenient, that rate does not include voice or text capabilities. The company also offers $40 and $80 talk-text-data passes which last for 31 days and, for the more expensive version, provide 100 talk minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

It’s unclear whether the survey points to an imminent release of such a roaming product, or whether Fido is merely gauging consumer interest, but the flanker brand’s roaming solutions are due for a refresh either way.

Fido recently went through a brand refresh, reworking its plans to focus on tertiary experiences with Spotify and Vice partnerships.

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