New survey says Uber adoption and calls for ban increasing simultaneously

The specific number of Canadians using Uber, or any one of its products like Uber X or Uber Pool, is unknown, but a new survey by Forum Research suggests that adoption of service has increased. Unfortunately for the company, so too have the calls for its ban.

Forum randomly surveyed 825 people in Toronto and found that 22 per cent have used Uber, an increase of four per cent from April. 26 per cent of those same people said that there should be a ban or some form of restrictions in place on how ride-sharing services operate.

Citing safety conners, many of the people calling for the service to be banned were women.

Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said, “While more and more and more people use Uber, it appears that familiarity is breeding a type of rejection. It is interesting that females are among the groups with the highest approval for banning the service, and this may be the result of apocryphal tales of attacks by Uber drivers.”

It’s been a week full of highs and lows for Uber’s Canadian operation. In the same day, the company expanded its service area to London, Kitchener—Waterloo, Hamilton and Guelph, and was hit with a $400 million class-action lawsuit led by various Ontario-based taxi and limo owners. The law firm representing the cab drivers is claiming that the company has created an “enormous marketplace for illegal transportation in Toronto,” and that it is violating Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act.

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