You can now use PayPal to top-up a prepaid phone in a foreign country

PayPal Airtime

Here’s some good news for those with relatives back in the home country.

PayPal and TransferTo, a company that operates a platform that allows people to transfer prepaid mobile credits across borders, announced that they’re bringing Mobile Airtime Top-Up to Canada.

As a result of the move, Canadians can now use their PayPal account to top-up prepaid mobile phones in the possession of friends and family that are overseas. There are no transfer fees associated with using Mobile Airtime Top-Up, and at launch over 400 carriers in 100 countries already support the service.

All that is required to use the service is a PayPal account and the mobile number of the recipient.

“Mobile phones help connect people with their communities, and give them access to education, employment, and essential medical and financial services,” said Cameron Schmidt, general manager of PayPal Canada in prepared statement. “With today’s announcement, Canadians can extend a lifeline to a grandmother who needs to frequently call her doctor in India, or help a sister access the Internet from her mobile phone in the Philippines.”