10 million people have reportedly subscribed to Apple Music in its first month of availability

Apple Music

Despite service outages and being labeled a “nightmare”, Apple Music, Apple’s all-you-can-eat music streaming service, is quickly gaining on competitor Spotify, according to music website Daily Hits Double

Citing unnamed sources within the record industry, the publication claims that 10-million people have subscribed to the service since its launch on June 30. Moreover, those same sources are reportedly “surprised” that Apple Music skyrocketed to that milestone so quickly, so much so that they’re pushing Tim Cook and company to publicize the numbers.

To put those numbers in perspective, Spotify, currently the world’s most popular music streaming service, has 20-million subscribers and 75-million active users, according to its latest report. For Apple to secure such a significant number of subscribers in so short a time is a significant feat.

However, it’s important to note that everyone currently subscribed to Apple Music is still within the service’s free three month trial period, and that even registering for the trial requires adding a credit card. The earliest some users will actually start paying for the service is toward the end of September. At that point the platform could see significant attrition, particularly if the user experience does not improve.

Lastly, if you’re already tried of hearing of about Apple Music, then prepare to be disappointed: according to Hits Daily Double, the company plans to kickoff a major marketing blitz once we get closer to the date of the MTV Video Music Awards in late August.

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