Qualcomm’s new WiPower technology will allow metal phones to charge wirelessly

Wireless Charging

Qualcomm has developed a technology that will allow smartphones with predominately metal exteriors to take advantage of wireless charging. Using its WiPower technology, future devices that are compatible with the standard will be able to top up their battery, even if they’re exterior is mostly made out of metal.

According to Qualcomm, the tech they’ve developed is able to achieve this feat because it operates at a frequency that is more tolerant to metal objects being placed within the charging field. Previously, the company’s old tech could handle some metal objects being placed between a smartphone and wireless charging stand—a coin or key, for instance.

“Building a wireless charging solution into devices with metal exteriors is a significant step for moving the entire industry forward,” said Qualcomm’s Steve Pazol in a prepared statement. “Today, more device manufacturers are choosing to utilize metal alloys in their product designs to provide greater structural support and, of course, aesthetics. QTIs engineering advancement eliminates a major obstacle facing wireless power and opens up the continued adoption of this desirable feature to a much wider range of consumer electronics and use cases.”

No word yet when we’ll see the first set of devices to ship with this technology.

[via]Tom’s Hardware[/via]