Yahoo put Snapchat and Periscope into a mixer and made Livetext


If you think your app marketplace of choice is oversaturated with messaging apps, fear not, a new messaging app is on its way. Announced today, Livetext is Yahoo’s new messaging app, and it’s coming out tomorrow.

In short, Livetext is an attempt by Yahoo to revive its Messenger app. The twist, however, is that the focus of the app is not so much on text chatting, but on streaming live video, and the result is an app that feels like a strange amalgamation of Snapchat and Periscope.

The videos you can send to your friends and family members don’t include any sound. As a result, you’re supposed to provide a bit of text and an emoji or two to add context to the videos you’re sending. This might seem a weird way to do things, but if there’s an advantage to this setup it’s that you can chat with a friend without being a distraction to those around you.


All told, it’s an experience that’s akin to visiting Reddit and looking at the GIFs people post in response to a particular piece of news.

One limitation to the app is that it’s currently not possible to message multiple people at the same time; instead, you’re limited to chatting with one person at a time.

If Livetext sounds something like that’s designed for teens, well, it technically was; according to The Next Web, Yahoo held multiple focus group, each time asking teens what they thought was missing in the messaging apps they were already using.

Livetext will be available to download tomorrow on smartphones that can access the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.