Google Glass Enterprise Edition currently being tested and tipped for a fall release

Google Glass

After the limited release of the Explorer Edition in 2012, development on Google Glass seemed to slow to a crawl before the device was finally pulled off the market last year. Ready to shift its focus to enterprise, Google has reportedly started to test a new version of Google Glass that’s targeted at industries such as healthcare, manufacturing and energy.

The latest report on Google Glass comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, which confirms an earlier report from 9to5Google. Both reports suggest that Google has exclusively developed the new Glass for Enterprise. According to “people familiar with the situation,” the design of the new wearable is a “curved rectangle” and “does not include a wire-like frame. Instead, it has a button-and-hinge system to attach the mini-computer to different glasses.”

Powering this upcoming wearable is not the TI processor currently found inside Glass, but a faster Intel chip. In addition, Google Glass Enterprise Edition will feature a 2-hour battery life and a custom “battery pack that Google developed specifically to connect magnetically to the gadget.” Finally, the cube display is said to be longer and thinner and can move both vertically as well as horizontally.

Google is expected to release the business-focussed Glass for under $1,500 (USD) sometime this fall. Although Google Glass has been approved by Industry Canada, there is no indication of the enterprise edition making its way north.

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