Pebble Time Steel shipments will be completed “by the end of August”

Pebble, recipient of the highest earning crowdfunding campaign ever, took to its Kickstarter page to provide Pebble Time Steel backers with an update on the status of their soon-to-be-delivered smartwatch.

According to the company, Pebble Time Steel production units have departed from its production facilities in China on July 27th and are en route to distribution centers in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Pebble says backers will see a shipping notification in their inbox by the middle of next week, and that shipments of the smartwatch will be completed “by the end of August.”

Here are the full details to the Pebble Time Steel update:

  • All Pebble Time Steel backers will receive a leather band and matching metal band with their watches. The only change is the timing of the metal band delivery, due to some supply issues.
  • Pebble is covering the shipping costs related to the revised delivery plan.
  • “If metal band availability improves, we will take metal Time Steel bands and include them with reward watches in one shipment as originally planned, whenever possible.”

Pebble’s latest smartwatch, the Pebble Time, is available to Canadians directly through the company’s site, or at Best Buy.

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