Windows 10 Mobile may not launch until November

Windows 10

Despite some bugs and minor issues, the upgrade to Windows 10 seems have gone off without a hitch for most people. It will still take some time until everyone receives access to the upgrade, but for the most part, we can start to look toward the release of Windows 10 Mobile. However, we may have to wait longer than expected.

Previously, it was rumoured that Microsoft had planned to launch Windows 10 Mobile sometime between September and October. According to a new report from South African-based publication called iafrica, Windows 10 Mobile may not launch before November.

The publication interviewed Anthony Doherty, an executive with Microsoft’s South African division, about the recent launch of Window 10. When it came to the topic of Windows 10 Mobile, Doherty said that the company has a “November timeframe” set for the release.

Of course, it’s possible he was referring to the South African release date of the operating system, but given that Microsoft released the desktop and tablet version of Windows 10 internationally, it seems like the company will follow a similar strategy for Windows 10 Mobile.

“Our core platform is Windows 10. It’s mobile in nature, not just the device, but the experience people will have. So there’s a big emphasis on the… mobile phone side of it. But there’s more thunder on that coming later in the year,” he added in his interview with to iafrica

Later, TechRader asked Microsoft to comment on Doherty’s comments. This is what the company had to say:

“We will release Windows 10 on mobile to our mobile operators this summer and our customers can expect to see Windows 10 on their mobiles later this year. We will have more to share on various editions of Windows 10 prior to its availability.”

What’s your take on Doherty’s and Microsoft’s comments?

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