MTS purchases spectrum from Wind for $45 million

Transferring spectrum is the latest trend in Canadian wireless.

MTS announced today it has paid $45 million to Wind Mobile for 15 MHz of paired AWS-1 spectrum in Manitoba.

With this acquisition, MTS intends to “significantly increase the speed and customer experience of its network.” Jay Forbes, MTS Allstream CEO, stated, “This deal is great news for our Manitoban customers as the use of mobile video increases. We are excited to be taking a big step to improve the wireless experience for our fellow Manitobans and to focus our resources right here at home.”

Manitoba-based MTS has approximately 500,000 wireless subscribers and it recently purchased two licences in the 2500 MHz spectrum auction for $2,242,000.

Wind Mobile plans to use the $45 million to strengthen its network and offerings in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. WIND Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic said, “These sale proceeds, including our recent spectrum acquisitions from Rogers as well as the AWS-3 spectrum auction, will be used towards network expansion and quality improvements including the LTE rollout.” Wind previously stated it plans to roll out LTE in 2016.

Bottom line, the deal is a win for all. MTS improves its wireless service and Wind Mobile confirms plans to rollout its LTE network in Ontario, BC and Alberta.

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