Android for Work adds Canadian carriers as partners

Using your phone at work is one of those things that good employers encourage because they realize the immense productivity benefits. The BYOD movement is viewed by many younger people as a perk of a fun job, and companies like BlackBerry, Apple and Android are working hard to integrate security into smartphone platforms.

This week, Google announced that Android for Work is adding a number of new partners to the enterprise program, bringing the total to over 40, including over 10,000 businesses signed up. Android for Work has been improving at a rapid clip since its rebranding in December of last year. Now, for the first time, the program will be partnering with mobile carriers. In Canada, mobile partners include Bell Canada, Rogers and Telus Mobility. This will allow these carriers to support improved security policies under Android for work.


Another step Android for Work has taken is to showcase smartphones built with specific industry needs in mind. Governments and health care facilities are just two of the kinds of workplaces where specific needs and tight security are needed when taking technology mobile. Samsung has its KNOX devices, which offer the highest levels of government certification, and the Blackphone, by Silent Circle, uses the Android for Work platform built with additional security and privacy features that are fully integrated.

It remains to be seen exactly what the Canadian mobile carriers will be able to offer employees and customers in this partnership, but improvements to security, productivity and device management will be on the list.

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