Apple reportedly testing Siri to transcribe voicemails

During WWDC 2015, Apple made several improvements to Siri, specifically more proactive in her responses and a new look.

It seems additional functions could be added to the Apple’s intelligent personal assistant in the coming months. According to BusinessInsider, Apple is currently testing a service called “iCloud Voicemail” that will enable Siri to transcribe your voicemails into text messages.

Similar to Google Voice and other voicemail translation services, BI states that“When someone using iCloud Voicemail is unable to take a call, Siri will answer instead of letting the call go to a standard digital audio recorder. iCloud Voicemail can relay information about where you are and why you can’t pick up the phone to certain people. But the coolest feature of the service is that Siri will transcribe any incoming voicemails, just like it does with anything else you say to it.”

A handful of employees are internally testing the reliably of the service and if it passes, Apple will reportedly include it into the launch of iOS 10 in 2016.

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