New Telus ads reveal our smartphones’ secret lives

Telus ad

Have you ever wondered what your phone does when it’s not with you? In a new series of well-crafted ads, Telus attempts to provide the answer to that question while dishing a side of humour.

In one of the ads, a Samsung smartphone seemingly laments the fact that its owner just gave birth to a baby. “I just one night where I get to go out and take a picture with my front-facing camera. One night where I get to auto-correct swear words. One night where the dirty puddle I get dropped into doesn’t come from a freaking diaper,” it says.

It turns out that the source of the phone’s angst is rooted in the fact that the data it stores has never been backed up. The ad ends with the company inviting the person watching it to check out Telus’s learning services.

It’s all done to sell a service, of course, but I couldn’t help but laugh at both ads. Check them out. They’re sure to brighten your day a bit.