Apple Music has 11 million non-paying subscribers

Apple Music

In an interview with USAToday, Apple announced 11 million users have signed up to try its new music streaming service.

“We’re thrilled with the numbers so far,” said Apple’s Eddie Cue. This 11 million user milestone is congruent to the 10 million user number that was reported last week by music website Daily Hits Double. Cue added that 2 million people are using the family plan.

Apple Music

He also noted that Apple is “aware that some users have experienced some issues, and we hate letting them down, but we’re releasing updates as fast as we can to address those issues.”

After the 3-month trial, Apple Music will set individuals back $9.99 per month. A family of six can use the service for $14.99 per month. The Apple Music app is available on iOS, and is coming soon to Android.

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