Blurry video reportedly shows off Huawei’s upcoming Nexus smartphone

It’s long been rumoured that Huawei is set to become the first Chinese smartphone manufacturer to take part in Google’s Nexus program.

An initial rumour indicated that Huawei is working with Google to release a smartphone with a 5.7-inch QHD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor and a fingerprint scanner.

A new video, courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer of @onleaks, has surfaced that gives us the first look at the possible design of Huawei’s Nexus-branded device, which carries the codename “Bullhead”. The video is incredibly blurry, but it’s still possible to make out a fingerprint scanner on the back, as well as a back-facing camera camera with flash.

All other details—such the device’s battery life, its processor and RAM setup—are unknown. However, the next Nexus device is expected to be announced sometime later this year.

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