OnePlus 2 reservations surpass 2 million

OnePlus 2

With a lack of features like near field communication and wireless charging, the shine off of OnePlus’s latest so-called flagship killer seem ready to dull. However, that hasn’t happened.

This morning, OnePlus took to Twitter to announce that more 2-million people have signed up to receive an invite to purchase the $400 plus smartphone. Indeed, if anything, excitement for the Chinese-made smartphone has only increased since the OnePlus announced the milestone; as of the writing of this piece, the reservation count has reached over 2.5-million.

It’s a bit good news for a company whose marketing efforts have drawn the ire of tech publications across the Internet. It was only a couple weeks ago that Android Police writer David Ruddock called out OnePlus for its marketing efforts, and the company blacklisted his website in response.

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