iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will likely be much harder to bend


The upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will feature a new and improved case that is more resistant to external pressure, according to Lewis Hilsenteger, also known as Unbox Therapy, the man who started the BendGate controversy when he posted a YouTube video showing it possible to bend the iPhone 6 by hand.

In his latest video, Hilsenteger claims he has gained access to the backplate of an upcoming iPhone 6S. He doesn’t physically bend the purported iPhone 6S case, but he does, with the aid of a digital calliper, measure and compare the dimensions of the new case to that of its predecessor.

In and around the area where the volume rocker is located, Hilsenteger claims that the iPhone 6S backplate is significantly thicker than the iPhone 6 backplate. To be specific, the back shell of the iPhone 6 is about 1.14mm thick; in contrast, the new backplate in his possession is some 1.9mm thick.

Hilsenteger also notes that Apple has moved the placement of several screws around, and that the new case is also lighter than its predecessor, which he says is the result of a new, stronger and lighter material being used in the case’s production. In his estimation, taken together these factors will lead to a less bendable iPhone.

Of course, BendGate didn’t amount to much of a controversy, since the rates of accidental bending have been low.

In the meantime, check out Hilsenteger’s video below.