A quick look at the cases and replaceable backs for the Moto X Play

When Motorola announced the mid-range Moto Play late last month, the company promised it would provide a number of replaceable back covers and wrap-around cases for the product to suit every taste.


And while all but one carrier, Koodo, will be selling the black model by default, Motorola is currently working out deals with retailers to bring a number of colourful backings and cases to the Canadian market. The Koodo version, which was voted on by its users earlier this summer, will come with a teal backing like you see above.


The Moto X Play is coming to Canada this month for around $400, but prices for the accessories haven’t been finalized just yet. In either case, having a couple on hand to change up your look every once in a while will probably not hurt the phone’s longevity, especially if one developers scuffs and marks.


Like those of the Moto G line, the backs snap securely to the phone’s back, leaving the metallic-looking outline of the plastic frame visible. Stylistically, it’s a very different look to the second-generation Moto X – at least from the back – and is more in line with the original’s more subtle curves.


We’ll have lots more on the Moto X Play in the coming days and weeks.