Plex launches revamped iOS app

Plex iOS

After releasing a new version its Android app in July, Plex, the popular multi-media streaming and organization app, promised that it was working on update to its iOS app as well. Less than a month later, that update is here.

Version 4.0 of Plex brings with it an app that has apparently been rebuilt from scratch to address some of the common concerns iOS users had with the previous version of the app.

What some people might notice first is that the previously $4.99 app can now be downloaded for free. By default, this version of the app is a bit limited. It allows a person to use their iOS device as a remote to control their currently streaming media, and it can be used to upload photos and videos from one’s iPhone or iPad camera roll to a Plex media server. A $4.99 in-app purchase unlocks all of the app’s other features. Anyone that already has an existing Plex Pass or has paid for the iOS app in the past will not be forced to pay for the app again.

In terms of new features, Plex says “the app is essentially our poster child for new feature support.” It includes, among other things, support for Plex Home, a feature that allows the user to share their media library with other users, and support for the company’s premium music features. Essentially, these services allow you to build your own music streaming setup. In addition, Plex has added the option to see Rotten Tomatoes ranking with each film in your library, and it’s now possible to jump to a different movie scene using its title as a reference point.

Lastly, Plex for iOS is the first of the company’s apps to feature its new syncing framework. Dubbed Sync v2, this version of its syncing API is apparently much faster and more reliable. It also supports the partial syncing of media, meaning that users don’t need to completely sync a media file to start enjoying it.

Download Plex from the iTunes App Store.