See all the cool things your phone is capable of with Google’s Android Experiments


If the past seven years since the advent of the App Store has shown us anything, it’s that the combination of modern smartphone hardware and a bit ingenuity can lead to some truly amazing and unique experiences.

Google is certainly aware of this, which is why the company is launching a new website called Android Experiments to showcase what can be created for its mobile operating system.

Currently, there are some 20 experiments being shown off, including Tilt, a modern take on the ball-in-the-hole game, and Landmarker, an app that uses your phone’s GPS and screen to create an experimental compass that points towards nearby landmarks.

Each app or game has a dedicated page where you can download its source code, which leads to what the website is all about: inspiring developers. Moreover, everyone, no matter their coding skill level, is invited to submit their work for inclusion on the website, says Google.

“Android was created as an open and flexible platform, giving people more ways to come together to imagine and create. Developers everywhere have used the unique capabilities of the platform to push the limits of what’s possible on phones, tablets, watches and beyond,” says the website.

“We’re working to document creative experiments like these and make them open source so anyone can see how they are made, or get inspired to create their own. Our hope is to encourage more developers to challenge how we interact with the devices we use every day.”

This isn’t the first time that Google has done something like this. In February, the company launched Chrome Experiments, a website that, like Android Experiments, showcases what can be done with the Chrome web browser.

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