CyanogenMod launches new download page to easily find custom ROMs for your phone


The CyanogenMod community, purveyors of one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android devices, have made a small but important change to their website.

The website’s download page now lists ROMs by device name.

Previously, finding the correct ROM to use with your device required figuring out the code the manufacture assigned to it. This was a process that often required making a visit to Google, and one where it was possible to make a misidentification, leading to problems down the road. Moreover, there was also no sensible way to browse through all the files that were uploaded to the download page. Both these issues have been resolved with the update to the website.

Custom recovery files have been added to the download page, as well. If you need to do something like a data recovery or wipe, you’ll want to download the file associated with your device. These are of the Cyanogen simple recovery variety, which until now were only available on Cyanogen OS devices like the OnePlus One.

Flashing an Android device with a custom ROM is still a daunting proposition. Thankfully, if only by a little, this change to CyanogenMod’s download page makes that proposition less scary.

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