Mozilla Webmaker allows anyone to create content for the mobile web

Mozilla Webmaker

With the recent mass proliferation of smartphones, the Internet has never been more accessible. Still, it’s far too difficult for those without money or power to have their voice heard online.

This week Mozilla is attempting to at least start remedying that problem by launching a free mobile-first Internet content creation tool called Webmaker.

According to the company, using Webmaker does not require any sort of technical know-how. And once a person does start using the app, there isn’t a steep learning curve to overcome before their first piece content is ready to go online.

Like a lot of Mozilla’s other projects, the goal of Webmaker is to help democratize the web, though this is perhaps the most concrete expression of that desire.

“Mozilla built Webmaker to empower first-time smartphone users and mobile-first Web users as active participants on the Web,” says Mozilla. “Too often, individuals around the world experience a ‘read-only’ mobile Web, passively consuming content and unable to actively contribute.”

It goes on to add, “when consumers become creators, they’re introduced to social and economic opportunity. And when everyone can contribute equally, the Web becomes a better place.”

To start, Webmaker is available in five languages at launch—Begali, Brazilian, Portuguese, English and Indonesian—and Mozilla promises that support for more languages is on the way.

Download Mozilla Webmaker from the Google Play Store..