Fossil and Intel teaming up for an Android Wear smartwatch that looks like the Moto 360

We heard sometime ago that Fossil was working on a smartwatch with the help of Intel. Details on the project have started to filter out.

The unnamed smartwatch was briefly shown during a keynote presentation at Intel’s Developer Forum conference. Unfortunately, neither Intel nor Fossil shared a lot of information on the device, with details like price and launch date set to be announced later in the year. However, they did say that it will be powered by a low-power Intel chip. Moreover, according to CNET, what was shown off looks a lot like the current crop of Android Wear smartwatches – an amalgam of the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.

Fossil Smartwatch

Perhaps the more interesting part of the presentation was the fact that the two companies talked about an initiative called Fossil Connected Accessories. The company doesn’t want to limit its efforts to smartwatches. Case in point: during the keynote presentation, Fossil showed off a selection of wearable bracelets that are meant for both men and women, though, like when it talked about its smartwatch, Fossil didn’t say much about the bracelets. Moreover, the company is partnering with designers like Michael Kors and Kate Spade to help them release their own wearable devices.

This isn’t the first time Fossil has toyed with the idea of wearables. In 2003, long before the start of this latest wearable craze, the company released a PDA watch called Abacus that ran Palm OS. It got by with a minuscule 8MB of RAM, and a 160×160 pixel display. Unfortunately, like a lot of devices devised well before its time, the watch sold poorly, and was eventually discontinued.

Fossil Wrist PDA

Fossil Wrist PDA