Slack beta for Windows Phone now available to download


Slack Technologies, the work-focused communications platform that got its start in Vancouver, is currently available on Windows and Mac, and through its Android and iOS apps.

Today, Windows Phone users can rejoice and join the masses eliminating email; the company has launched a public beta version of the app. Slack is available to download on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile preview.

While there are some known issues in the initial beta release, Slack has designed the app “with a Windows 10 style.” Below is the complete outline off all the features, issues, and upcoming changes:

What’s new:

  • New design that is more similar to the other Slack mobile apps with a Windows 10 style
  • Support for various authentication methods such as two-factor authentication and guest single-sign on
  • Live tile displaying the latest 5 messages
  • New message markers in channels, unread message bar
  • Custom emoji support & viewing message reactions
  • Faster navigation between channels
  • Profile pages

Known Issues:

  • Live tile notification text is not cleared when that message is read.
  • The unread messages blue bar in a channel doesn’t always automatically dismiss when the newest message initially appears on the screen.
  • Text input areas sometimes receive focus when navigating causing the keyboard to open.
  • After clicking a toast notification, there might be a delay in displaying the message while the app re-establishes a connection.
  • Certain events like channel join / leave may trigger an unread channel indication when they should not.
  • Reactions are currently read only.
  • The application may not handle loss of connectivity gracefully in all situations.
  • Each message from a user is currently displayed with a picture / name header instead of joining with previous recent messages

Upcoming Changes:

  • Performance improvements
  • File uploads
  • Adding reactions
  • Search
  • Mentions & starred items view


Download Slack for Windows Phone here.

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