Revisit the good ol’ days with Google Photos’ new Timehop competitor

Google’s already superlative Photos service just got an update that aims to help users take a trip down memory lane.

The cloud-based photo storage app will now resurface photos and videos from the current calendar date that were taken in previous years. The company has wisely made it so that users have to opt-in to this feature to enable it. Once it is turned on, however, the Assistant pane in Photos will starting bring up past photos and even create collages from them. Anyone that has had Facebook surface old photos through its “On this Day” feature will be familiar with this functionality.

Any photos and collages Photos surfaces are always private to begin with, but, should the user choose to, they can be shared via email and social networks like Google+ and Twitter.

This new functionality should already be available to anyone accessing the service through the iOS and Web versions of the Photos app. Google says Android users will gain access to it gradually.