Thanks to Tim Hortons, there is now a poutine, back bacon, and sorry emoji

tim hortons ehmoji - insidetimmies

It’s not the greatest execution of an app, and emoji fans don’t necessarily enjoy cutting and pasting the images, but Tim Hortons has updated its “Ehmoji” app with a few new Canadiana images.

There are now 15 new Ehmojis that were “suggested by you,” according to the company: RCMP mounties, canoe, lumber jacket, poutine, loonie, log house, Canada goose, sorry, snow shoes, back bacon, lobster, curing, honey cruller, Canadian Rockies and Ice Capp.

These join the Timbit box, Maple Syrup, hockey, a Tim Hortons coffee cup, maple leaf, barbeque, beaver, Muskoka chair, heart-shaped flag, moose, fireworks, Inukshuk, “Eh” in English, “Tsé” in French, and a toque.

How many stereotypes can Tim Hortons fit into this app, anyway?

It looks like the update is only available on iOS, with Android expected to get it shortly.