Hearthstone Grand Tournament expansion now available on Android and iOS


Hearthstone Grand Tournament, the expansion to Blizzard’s massively popular free-to-play trading card game, has just been released on Android and iOS.

All told, the expansion adds 132 new cards for players to collect and use against one another. It also adds new mechanics to the game, including jousting and inspire keywords.

The rewards for participating in the game’s ranked mode have also been reworked. Hearthstone’s in-game journal will now record the highest rank a player has achieved in a given season. Once a season is complete, they will receive a reward commensurate with their highest achieved rank, not their current rank. Blizzard says it implemented this change to lower the amount of frustration a player experienced after going on particularly lengthy losing streak.

Hearthstone can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.