Latest Blackberry Venice Slider leak shows an Android version of BlackBerry Productivity Suite

BlackBerry Venice

Following on the heels of multiple hardware-related leaks, prolific device leaker Evan Blass decided to change things up this week by sharing some information on the software that may come with BlackBerry’s long rumoured Android smartphone.

Over the weekend, he posted a GIF on Twitter that shows what looks like the Venice Slider running BlackBerry Productivity Suite as a part of a promotional ad. Despite the overall quality of the video, it’s easy to see that each app in the suite has been given a Material Design overhaul. This is particularly apparent with BlackBerry Contacts, which has Android’s signature floating action button at the bottom right. The GIF ends with “Nothing else keeps you as productive as BlackBerry” flashing across the screen. Check out a video of the GIF below, courtesy of CrackBerry‘s Chris Parsons.

For anyone that hasn’t used a BlackBerry device since the release of BB10, BlackBerry Productivity Suite packages some of the company’s most notable first-party applications, including BlackBerry Hub, its all-in-one spot for reading and answering emails and messages, BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Contacts, Documents to Go, BlackBerry Keyboard and Universal search all in one package.

More so than the smartphone itself, this is probably the most interesting bit of information to come out on the Venice Slider. A lot of manufacturers install skins and apps on their devices that often add little value to the overall experience Google has crafted with Android. On the other hand, the apps included in BlackBerry Productivity Suite are genuinely useful, and are well-regarded by almost everyone that has had a chance to use them.

When it comes to a differentiating factor, this is one that actually may sway consumers to buy the device.

As per a previous rumour, the Venice Slider is expected to release sometime in November.

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