Sony’s online store to stop selling directly to Canadian consumers

Sony Store

After closing the last of its 14 remaining Canadian retail locations this past January, Sony appears set to completely stop selling its wares directly to Canadian consumers.

Recently, the company posted a notice on its online store—seen above in the lead image—that says it will stop taking orders on Friday afternoon.

“As we evolve our Canadian business, Sony Store Online will stop taking orders at 4:00pm EST, August 28, 2015,” states the notice. “We’re working with our Retail Partners to bring new Sony Experience to shoppers across the nation in store and online. We’re excited to share the launch of our new electronics product site with you soon!”

Sony declined to comment on the change.

Update: As pointed out by Twitter user @reginaldtw, Sony has posted the same notice to its U.S. online store. Thanks for the tip, Reginald!

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