Retailer posts Moto 360 2nd Gen pricing

An online retailer has, oddly and likely to Motorola’s ire, posted details about the upcoming Moto 360 2nd Gen, as the smartwatch is being called.

Alluding to three models, a single larger unit with a cognac-coloured leather strap and a 46.5mm face, along with two smaller models of unknown size (but likely close to 38mm) and either dark or light stainless steel straps, it appears that Motorola is yielding the price wars to other parties.

According to MobileFun, which has not been corroborated elsewhere so take it with a healthy dose of salt, the larger unit will cost $392.49 USD, while the smaller units will run $326.99. Those are likely not the MSRPs, which will likely be lower on Google’s and Motorola’s own stores.

Perhaps the more interesting tidbit is that the larger unit will have a 375mAh battery, considerably larger than last year’s 320mAh cell; the smaller, if MobileFun is to be believed, will only offer 270mAh, so let’s hope for a more efficient processor.

We’ll know more in the coming days, so stay tuned.