Vine’s new feature makes it easy for anyone to create seamlessly looping music videos

Vine Snap to Beat

In July, Vine added the ability for users to upload and view high definition looping clips. Now, the Twitter-owned company is set to improve how people interact with the sound-based component of its popular video sharing platform with the announcement of several new music-related creation and discovery features.

For content creators, the most interesting addition here will be something called “Snap to Beat”. In essence, this feature makes it easier to create a video where the accompanying music loops perfectly (On Vine, huge applause is given to those who create so-called “Perfect Loops”).

Once you’ve picked a song to use with your creation, Snap to Beat decides how much of it to use and then trims your video to make a seamless loop.

In practice, it still takes a bit of work to create a Vine like the one below (view it in app to get the full effect), but it’s a lot easier than it was before. It’s also possible to disable this feature to allow for more exact control over when music and sounds play in a loop.

To help users get started on creating their own perfectly looped Vines, the company has added a featured songs section that includes popular music people can use free of charge.

Lastly, whenever there’s a piece of music attached to a Vine, you can tap on the video to find out the title of the track. No more jumping into the comment section to post, “Song?”.

Snap to Beat is currently only available on the iOS version of Vine, while both Android and iOS users can can use the above mentioned discovery feature.