Google OnHub router now available in Canada, companion apps out for iOS and Android


Back in mid-August, Google announced OnHub, a $269 CAD router it co-developed with TP-Link. Besides featuring solid internal specs, what got us excited about this device is that the company promised users could carry out any administrative changes and troubleshooting using a simple smartphone app. In other words, no more staring at “blinking lights” to figure out why your Internet isn’t working. That app, Google On, is now available from to download for both Android and iOS.

Google On

Like the OnHub, Google On is a fairly straightforward affair. Featuring a design that utilizes the same blue and teal colours that characterize the router, the app is there to guide new OnHub owners through the initial setup of their shiny new networking tool, and simple troubleshooting should the need arise. In addition, it also allows for speed testing, and there’s even a feature that allows friends and family to provide remote help. Users can also make any administrative changes they need from the app it self.

Together, OnHub and its companion app work to simplify the often-horrific experience of setting up in-home WiFi.

Google OnHub will available soon from the Google Store. It is available today in-store at Best Buy Canada. We’ll have a full review in the coming days.

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