Alto’s Adventure, this year’s best iOS game, is coming to Android and Kindle Fire

Alto's Adventure

The year’s best iOS game and arguably one of the top mobile games ever released, Toronto-developed Alto’s Adventure, is finally coming to Android and Kindle Fire.

The game features beautiful visuals, a mesmerizingly relaxing vibe and fluid gameplay. It also doesn’t actually do anything particularly revolutionary and instead just takes an established mobile gaming genre, the endless running, and improves upon almost every aspect of it.

The port is being performed by Super Stickman Golf developer Noodlecake Studios, rather than internally by Snowman. The game doesn’t have a specific release date yet but it’s expected to launch at some point in the near future. It’s unclear if this version of Alto’s Adventure will also be compatible with BlackBerry 10 – via side-loading from the Amazon app store – but theoretically it should be possible.

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