Nest reveals new $249 thermostat with ‘Farsight’ feature

The new version of Nest’s next-generation thermostat is set to be thinner, feature a higher-resolution screen that’s also 40 percent larger, and a new interface that will reportedly make the device’s display easier to read at a distance.

Like all of Nest’s line of products, the third-generation of the company’s popular thermostat will interact directly with the Nest Cam Security and the Nest Protect Smoke Alarm. Additionally, a new feature called Farsight will automatically display the device’s temperature and the current time as soon as it senses movement in the room.

The new thermostat also includes a feature called Furnace Heads-Up, with the ability to automatically shut down to avoid overheating. If a problem occurs, the user automatically receives a notification in their Nest application.


The first-generation Nest in action.

Nest has also slashed the price of its second-generation thermostat to $199 USD. In January 2014, Google acquired Nest Labs for US$3.2 billion.

The third-generation Nest is available to Canadians on the Google Store for $249 CAD.