Say hello to Intel’s latest processor architecture, Skylake

intel skylake

The sixth generation of Intel’s Core product line of processors, dubbed Skylake, is officially launching today.

Skylake is Intel’s successor to the its widely adopted Broadwell generation of processors that launched back in late 2014. According to Intel, the processor has 30 percent improved graphics performance, an additional hour of battery life (especially while playing 1080p video), and, overall, the processor will preform 10 percent better when compared to last year’s Broadwell version.

Intel’s mobile M processor is also set to receive a jolt of power thanks to Skylake’s new and improved architecture. Core M processors now deliver 40 percent better graphics performance, which hopefully means the company’s widely used mobile processor can now handle higher resolution video with ease. Intel boasts that Core M chips featuring Skylake will now be able to run four 4K videos simultaneously while using just 20 percent of the device’s CPU.

In terms of additional Core M upgrades, Intel says processors featuring Skylake processors will run significantly more stable. And just incase you had any doubts about Intel’s commitment to Core M, the company revealed it intends to expand its mobile processor line to include a range of speeds – Core M3, Core M5 and Core M7 – similar to the chip manufacturers’ Intel “i’ line. Speculation also indicates that the company’s Core M line could find its way into smartphones, especially “phablet” style devices.

It’s unclear if Skylake architecture will make it into the long expected refresh of Apple’s MacBook given how slow Intel has been to implement the technology (it’s reportedly been in development since 2012). There are also rumours regarding manufacturing shortages related to Skylake.